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Our qualifications are designed to support and encourage learners to develop their knowledge and skills


Qualification Purpose

The purpose of the qualification is to support learners in a work role by providing underpinning knowledge of a wide range of business administration activities.

The qualification is a knowledge component of the Higher Apprenticeship in Business Administration.


Entry Requirements

There are no specific entry requirements however learners should have a minimum of Level two in literacy and numeracy or equivalent.



Learners must achieve a minimum of 42 credits: 17 credits from the mandatory units and a minimum of 25 credits from the optional units.


no. Unit title Unit ref Level Credit value GLH
1 Business Administration Systems F/506/4140 4 31 6
2 Communicating in a Business D/506/4145 4 28 5
3 Managing Self Development T/506/4149 3 36 6



10 credits from Group B and 9 credits from either Group B or Group C
no. Unit title Unit ref Level Credit value GLH
1 Principles of Operational Planning M/506/4182 4 67 15
2 Principles of Project Management F/506/4185 4 57 10



 [/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”30px”][vc_column_text]Assessment

The qualification is assessed by internally set and marked assessments subject to external quality assurance.  Where indicated in the unit specifications, assessment must meet the requirements of the identified assessment strategy/principles.

All learning outcomes must be met to achieve a pass – there is no grading.

Course Delivery

Pre-Course Information

All learners should be given appropriate pre-course information regarding any TQUK qualifications. The information should explain about the qualification, the fee, the form of the assessment and any entry requirements or resources needed to undertake the qualification.


Initial Assessment

Centres should ensure that any learner registered on a TQUK qualification undertakes some form of initial assessment. The initial assessment should be used to inform a teacher/trainer on the level of the learner’s current knowledge and/or skills.

Initial assessment can be undertaken by a teacher/trainer in any form suitable for the qualification to be undertaken by the learner/s. It is the centre’s responsibility to make available forms of initial assessment that are valid, applicable and relevant to TQUK qualifications.


Learner Registration

Once approved to offer a qualification the centre should register learners before any assessment can take place. Recognised centres must follow TQUK’s procedures for registering learners. For short courses, TQUK offer the option of registering a course and booking a number of places. Learners are then added once the course has taken place, thus acknowledging situations where substitutions are made at short notice to meet business needs.


Guided Learning Hours

These hours are made up of all real time contact time, guidance or supervision of a learner by a lecturer, supervisor, tutor, trainer or other appropriate provider of education or training.

GLH for this qualification is 195.

Total Qualification Time

Total Qualification Time for this qualification is 420 hours[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”35px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]