The Hero’s Way

• Focusing on the Acquisition competencies not just knowledge and skills.

• Using new types of practices in the training venue(practice training, and learning with peers and role-playing, simulation, etc.)

• The use of programmed training games.

• International certificates accredited by international institutions.

• The attractive and enjoyable training environment.

Course Objectives

  • Assist senior executives to evolve as leaders and effectively handle senior management challenges in a cross functional context.
  • To provide senior executives with frameworks for structuring their intuitive and practical understanding how to maximize group dynamics to evolve their people to higher levels of Engagement, Teamwork and Personal Passion.
  • It covers 4 modules, this intensive program helps functional managers sharpen their decision-making skills and broaden their knowledge of the multi-generation and diverse workforce environment.

Program Content

Psychology of Being Right

  • Foundation of Group Dynamics Psychology
  • Your role as a Leader
  • The Blame Syndrome
  • Rules of Engagement – automatic reactions of broken realities
  • Understanding your Peers, Superiors, Subordinates

Your Colored Brain Genetic Processor

  • Organizational Communication Assessment
  • Using the Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI)
  • The Colored Brain insights to stimulate organizational alignment
  • Understanding organizational colored dynamics and how to influence them
  • Colored Brain as a Catalyst for Changing Departmental Culture

Human Motivation and Emotional Drive

  • The Emotions in working with teams
  • Manager’s Trap: 3 laws of motivation, the easiest way to demotivate

an individual, effects of ‘need sucking’ epidemic

Connection between Mind and Body

  • Postures: Assessing Mind-Body Connection to Change Mood and Emotion
  • How Mind Body Connection works
  • Communication activity
  • Creating moods for creativity; passionate, fast action; confident in direction and decisions

Developing your Leadership Identity

    • Instilling vision
    • Creating a Leadership Evolution System
    • Cultivating an ideal leadership identity
    • Personal character assessment
    • Leadership identity
    • Culture evolution catalysts