Managing Conflict & Dealing with Others

• Focusing on the Acquisition competencies not just knowledge and skills.

• Using new types of practices in the training venue(practice training, and learning with peers and role-playing, simulation, etc.)

• The use of programmed training games.

• International certificates accredited by international institutions.

• The attractive and enjoyable training environment.

Course Objectives

  • Effective team working and harmonious relationships are essential to the productivity of any organization. Internal and external pressures – work or home-related – can result in people being rude, impatient, aggressive or uncooperative.
  • Managing Conflict and Difficult Situations is a course that provides practical techniques to help you handle difficult and potentially confrontational situations confidently and effectively.

Program Content

Understanding behavior and its effects:

  • What makes a person difficult? Why is there conflict at work
  • Recognizing others’ behavior and the effect it has on us.

Three different behavior types:

  • Clarifying the difference between aggressive, passive and assertive behavior
  • Recognizing the effects of each type on oneself and others
  • Steps to help use this information in difficult situations.

Communication skills that help deal effectively with difficult people:

  • Listening and questioning skills to get the true perception of the situation, show confidence and gain control
  • Paraphrasing to avoid assumptions or misunderstanding
  • Using feedback in both positive and negative contexts.

Dealing with difficult situations:

  • Situations that may arise at work – practical ways to deal with them
  • Dealing in fact and behavior – not emotion
  • Using positive language and a positive approach to influence outcomes.