Team Building

Program: Building a Successful Teamwork

• Focusing on the Acquisition competencies not just knowledge and skills.

• Using new practices in the training venue(practice training, and learning with peers and role-playing, simulation, etc.)

• The use of programmed training games.

• International certificates accredited by international institutions.

• The attractive and enjoyable training environment.

Course Objectives

  • By the end of the course, participants should have: –
    • Select, develop, and lead a winning team.
    • Generate co-operation across department and organizational lines.
    • Structure for results – clarify roles, goals, and decision-making processes.
    • Capitalize on each team member’s analytical, organizational, and team building skills.
    • Evaluate and improve current team effectiveness.
    • Identify the benefits and characteristics of high-performance teams.
    • Develop skills to boost team productivity and morale.

Program Content

Structuring a Team Based Organization: –

  •   Why organizations install teams.
  •   Pitfalls to avoid when developing teams.
  •   Definitions of different types of teams.
  •   The difference between work groups and teams.
  •   How to structure your teams for the most benefit to your customers and organization.
  •   Creating teams based on technical skills.
  •   Developing a receptive team culture.


The Conditions for Transforming a Work Group Into a Team: –

  •   The steps to building high performance teams.
  •   The key characteristics of high performance teams.
  •   Conducting a gap analysis to determine deficiencies.
  •   Team leader styles.
  •   How effectively leading a team during transformation.
  •   Human resource systems and teams.
  •   Individual team members’ empowerment quotients dealing with change and risk taking.


  • Leading a Team Through Its Development
  • Team Conflict and Challenging Team Situations
  • Assessment of Learning’s / Re-energizing Existing Teams